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Tigerise Will be Your Footprint to Japan With Powerfull Measurement and Specialist!


Tigerise Ltd. Tigerise Ltd. was established on January 6, 2020 as a joint venture with Hangzhou Taisho Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., LTD.; Tigermed), one of the largest Chinese CROs.Support will be provided to overseas pharmaceutical and medical device companies planning global studies in Japan.
Our strengths are services that make the most of Tigermed's specialties and organizations, which have great experiences of clinical development in the Asian region.
Tigerise will provide flexible and innovative proposals and support through collaboration with Japanese experience in clinical development with highly skilled personnel at Accerise Inc.

Tigerise will be Your Footprint to Japan with Powerful Measurement and Specialist!

Message from the CEO

Tigerise was established on January 6, 2020 as a joint venture between Accerise Inc., a Japanese CRO, and Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., LTD., the largest CRO in China.
Currently, global clinical development, mainly in Asia, has been expanding and the trend is expected to accelerate in the future.
With the collaboration of Accerise, with its excellent human resources, and Tigermed, a global CRO with abundant worldwide clinical trial experience Tigerise can provide prompt and flexible services to meet the various needs of our customers.
Tigerise has built an organization and system to consult on development strategies and conduct all clinical trials on behalf of customers of overseas pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers who have no branch and/or no operational resource in Japan.
In addition, for customers of domestic manufacturers who are planning to conduct global clinical trials, Tigerise will serve as a contact point for global development and provide flexible support.
With these services, Tigerise hopes to contribute to the development of medical care by promptly introducing sophisticated and advanced products into Japan and by bridging the expansion of clinical development from Japan to other countries. Tigerise will make further efforts in providing the best service.
We hope you will honor us with your loyal patronage.

Hiroshi Tsujimoto